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Welcome to the world of Zen Bath Fitting.

It’s a world where you will discover the joy of bathing in sheer luxury. It’s a world where your, dream of having world class bath fittings will melt into reality Over the years, Zen has evolved as a company that believes in innovation, workmanship and customer satisfaction. Its quest for perfect bath fittings is eminently reflected in the reputation that it enjoys in the market. Its range of bath fittings has blazed a new trail in the fiercely competitive bath fitting industry. Hand work, as always, never goes unrewarded.

All pieces are crafted with finesse and available in different finishes and ranges. This catalogue gives you a first hand at your bathroom offering. Featured in this catalogue are a few samples from our vast collection of quality bath fittings. In all our products you will find excellent quality and high standards of workmanship.

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